// Full Abdominal Workout

ExerciseSet x Repetitions
Weighted Decline Sit-Ups3x10
Weighted Leg Lifts3x10
Front Plank1 Minute
Flutter Kicks1 Minute
Oblique Twists1x30

Note: The added weight to the exercises should be difficult but manageable. If you are unable to perform these exercises with extra weight for added resistance, do them without and add weight(s) later as you become stronger.

Often times when you think of building abdominal muscles, crunches come to mind. Unfortunately, one hundred crunches a day simply will not cut it if you are looking to strengthen your entire core. Your core is made up of several abdominal muscles; one exercise alone will not get you the results that you want. Try out the routine listed above, this routine will thoroughly target and strengthen every muscle in the core of your body. When adding a core workout into your overall routine, timing is very important. Several of the compound exercises that you may do in your regular routine will also work the core such as squats and deadlifts, these exercises rely on your core for stabilization, so it is best to have your core muscles sustaining little to no exhaustion. Therefore you should always work your core last in your routine for optimal safety. As with every muscle group, your abdominals will need time to recover. I suggest working them 3-4 days a week on non-consecutive days. (Note: This article is specific to the abdominal muscles when referring to the term “core”.) 

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