// The Importance of Water

One of the most basic and key principles in not only fitness but overall health and nutrition, is to stay properly hydrated. How does one get properly hydrated? Water! Drink lots of water.

A couple things you should know about water:

  • Your body as a whole is comprised of 70% water
  • Your muscles are comprised of 75% water
  • Your brain cells are comprised of 85% water
  • If you drink cold water first thing in the morning, it has the potential to speed up your metabolism for the next 90 minutes.
  • Even the smallest amount of dehydration can cause fatigue, decrease your reaction time and power output.

By simply looking at just the couple of facts listed above, we can clearly see how important our consumption of water is, not only in everyday functionality but to achieve top physical performance. A good practice to start is to drink one to two glasses first thing in the morning. This will begin to replenish your body with the water it is lacking and any dehydration that may have taken place from your last night’s sleep.

How much water should I drink? Aim to consume at least 2 liters a day or divide your body weight by 2 and drink that in ounces (example: 150 / 2 = 75ounces of water). Drink which ever amount is higher.

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