Elbow Sleeve Review

Today I will be reviewing the Crucial Compression Elbow Sleeve. The reason being is I have been having some slight issues with my left elbow and tricep. On one of my last “arm days” I overworked it a little too hard. Don’t get me wrong, it was a GREAT workout, but at the price of straining a muscle, which is never worth it! Before I bought the sleeve and got back to the gym I did make sure to rest and ice adequately. If you are unfamiliar on how to treat muscle strains click here. Always make sure your health is your number one priority, you can work through an injury but if it is not absolutely necessary, don’t do it! Anyways, on to the review:

Price (9/10) The Crucial Compression elbow sleeve is definitely a great bargain. Most compression sleeves at your local sporting goods stores are priced anywhere from $20 – 25. The CC elbow sleeve shipped to your door comes in at $13.95 (link below). Keep in mind this is a two pack as well, a lot of retailers try to sell them only as individuals. There are cheaper sleeves out there, but do keep in mind you get what you pay for. This sleeve definitely seems to be both of good quality and price.

Fit/Comfort (8/10) First impressions as well as with several uses at the gym I have to say these sleeves are a very good fit. The sleeve slides on and off very easily and nicely with little to no struggle. Once the sleeve is on, it keeps your arm nice and supported, tight enough to compress well but not too tight to where your mobility is limited or you feel as if you are cutting off circulation. I will say if you are between 2 sizes (both measurements look as if they would fit you) opt for the smaller size. As this is a compression sleeve and you are looking for tightness / support, the sleeve being too large would not do the job it’s supposed to.

Usage (9/10) No complaints so far. While in use, they keep your arm very nice and supported with adequate compression. One thing that I fear with a sleeve of any kind is what happens when you sweat? Does it slide off; do you have to adjust multiple times? And so far, not really. The sleeve stays right where it’s supposed to almost all the time. (you may have to adjust it once or twice, but this minor inconvenience  is well with the product itself)

Overall (9/10) This product is well worth the price, fits great and appears to be made with great quality! If you are in need of some support or maybe rehabbing and injury, definitely be sure to order this today!

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