Here is a compiled list of budget friendly groceries that you can include in your diet. Many of the items below are a healthy alternative that will satisfy your hunger longer. The foods below are specifically listed to help aid you in both weight loss and muscle building. Use any of the items below to help create a healthy and great tasting breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. I recommend the food listed below but these are only suggestions, be sure to explore your grocery store and discover your own healthy menu. The possibilities are endless! (use the key below the table for item specifics)

Turkey (PR)Whole Grain Cereals
Chicken (PR)Sweet Potatoes
Tilapia (PR)Yogurt (PR) (AN)
Ground Beef (as lean as possible) (PR)Greek Yogurt (PR) (FF)
Frozen VegetablesVegetables
FruitSyrups (SF)
Cottage Cheese (PR) (FF)Jam/Preserves (SF)
Eggs (PR)Walnuts (US)
Tuna (PR)Peanuts (US)
Wheat BreadAlmonds (US)
Wheat TortillasAlmonds (US)
Cheese (FF)Cashews (US)
Pudding (FF) (SF)Natural Peanut Butter
Whole Grain WafflesOatmeal
Brown RiceExtra Virgin Olive Oil
Honey (AN)Clif Bars
Protein BarsSalad Dressings (FF)
Skim MilkAlmond Milk
Stevia (natural sweetener)Mayonnaise (FF)

(FF) = Fat Free (SF) = Sugar Free (US) = Unsalted (PR) = Protein Rich (AN) = All Natural

*Note: Always opt for a fat free/sugar free/unsalted or healthier selection.